Jozen Cummings
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Aug 21 2017

This whole thing about Lawrence contributing to his own demise makes me wonder if any girl I’ve ever cheated on was told that it was partly her fault. I hope not because that was never the case. If Issa broke up with Lawrence like she should have then we could say Lawrence was partly responsible for that, but the Read more

Jan 28 2015

I've been debating whether or not that pass is better than this one.

Nov 26 2014

For anyone who was interested, "No Juice" is a real song by, Boosie of course.

Jul 22 2014

Rich, that mention of the Jeremih and Tink just made me withdraw all the cool points I had in the bank and give them to you. It's a damn shame Hillary will not entertain Jeremih talk even though he so clearly has all the talent necessary to be a huge star in R&B.