Joshua Rivera
11:30 PM

I did. If you're familiar with Galleries (of which this is far from the first, as your fellow commenters may have pointed out) clicking on the thumbnails (which aren't actual thumbnails that grow on your fingers. Putting those on the internet would just be silly. Although I suppose you could find them somewhere if you Read more

3:16 PM

I really, really, really, wanted to interject a sudden "-WUB WUB WUB!" somewhere in the story, but for good or ill, I happened to restrain myself. So I'm writing about it here instead XD.

9:59 AM

I frequently have to restrain myself from shouting "BLANKETS!" whenever someone within earshot is talking about graphic novels. True story.

10:11 PM

A good question- but based on this study, I'd doubt it. The researchers here were interested in Alzheimer's patients. No testing was done in regards to subjects with normal brain functions. Which is why this study does absolutely nothing to prove whether or not smoking pot actually does make you better at games or Read more

10:04 PM

I beg to differ. Read it again, in its entirety. It does not make any arguments for or against marijuana legalization, in fact, as an article, it's not very interested in that argument. This is a site for things of interest to gamers- this study is an attempt to use video games, in conjunction with marijuana to Read more

6:03 PM

Not quite. Sam and Jen are controlling their own 3DS, but looking at the other's- they literally crossed arms, it's not a game mode.

8:52 PM

Unfortunately, zack, this is not a review - just general impressions on the game's single-player campaign. Stealth Force is the newest and most touted feature in this game, and it's what sets it apart from other Transformers games, so it got the most attention.

10:37 PM

Kudos to you. I was hoping someone would bring that game up. I loved that game.