Josh Ocampo
Staff Writer
2:18 PM

Looks like several comedians need a refresher on “How to tell an offensive joke”
1. Make sure the joke is actually funny, or at least novel. If you’re just reashing old stereotypes, using deragatory language or being disrespectful to a disenfranchised group it’s not funny. The more offensive the joke is the funnier it

2:07 PM

You know what, I’m glad to live in a day and age where assholes get their comeuppance. It can be dangerous, because sometimes the court of public opinion brings down it’s judgement often before - or even in spite of - the facts being laid out. My rule of thumb is don't be an asshole and chances are you won't get outed

10:04 AM

So most of my life as an adult I’ve straddled the opinion fence, but having a discussion about discussions on politics - with a trans friend, opened my eyes.

9:59 AM

I lost my best childhood friend years ago for this reason. She’s extremely religiously conservative, and I’m gay and married. We tried to come to some mutual understanding, but in the end, I couldn’t stomach that she did not think I should have the same rights as her. So we parted ways.

Sometimes, like the article

9:28 AM

I find it best to let them explain themselves into exhaustion rather than combat them.

9:24 AM

Sometimes, it is personal. If someone tells me they think my marriage shouldn’t be legal because we’re two men or that it’s okay to deny me services based on my orientation, that isn’t a person who can be my friend. How am I supposed to have respect for someone that considers me less than?

9:16 AM

Same goes for religion, if not even more-so. I’d say it’s safe to say the vast majority of people root their religion in their self identity. No matter how much you think you’re starting on mutual ground, the first step can seem like a complete attack even if you’re nowhere near discussing the person in front of you

2:28 PM

Just one quick look into the recycling bins in my apartment building justifies my theory that the human race only has about 20 years left, so bringing kids into this world of shit is a pointless exercise.

2:26 PM

Single stream recycling is a net loss for the business side of the equation. Source separated (i.e. we do it ourselves) is always more profitable for recycling. The business has largely collapsed in the last couple of years due to China halting taking a lot of our recyclables. Every fraction of a penny counts now. We

11:36 AM

We rarely know everything behind a stranger’s situation. Maybe she had a death in the family and booked last-minute tickets to attend the funeral. Maybe another family member just called to say they’re suicidal or in desperate medical condition, and she dropped everything and booked the only seats she could grab.

9:59 AM

Was on a flight once and was sitting on the row with the mid-plane evacuation doors—puh-lenty of legroom. A man was sitting in the row behind me, middle seat even, and he said the woman sitting next to me was his wife, so could I please change seats?

9:55 AM

The only time where I even try is when we have to book on an airline that doesn’t do assigned seating (or during that period when the airlines hadn’t decided how much and how often to fleece you for assigned seats).

9:51 AM

Had this situation in First Class on United from BWI to LAX.  I bought my ticket early and my buddy upgraded a week before the trip.  We got separated (obviously) and I simply asked the person next to me if they mind switching.  I was more than prepared to switch if I had to.  Lady didn’t mind and slept the whole

9:48 AM

Agreed with all of this, with one exception: if the captain/pilot tells you to to move, you move.
If they tell you to do the truffleshuffle, you do it.
Sue them afterwards and win big, but while on a airplane, the pilot is a dictator god. Same with the captain of a ship.
Document everything, get witnesses & video, and

9:45 AM

If the seat is a similar spot (aisle for aisle, etc) I’ll usually oblige the request.
Recently an older gentleman asked me to switch his middle seat for my aisle seat and said he had bad circulation in his legs. I agreed since it was a short flight, even though I specifically picked the aisle because I’m taller and

9:35 AM

No way I’m switching seats so that I can get my legs crushed while some lady who wasn’t paying attention while booking can not feel bad about her incompetence.

2:32 PM

There’s gonna be no solution to the housing crisis unless zoning laws are relaxed.

12:51 PM

The best way is to support a candidate that can beat Trump. There’s only one and his name is Joe Biden.

2:13 PM

Were we watching the same Biden? I thought they had grabbed a random older guy from my local Bob Evans. He seemed talked himself into circles 3-4 different times.

Sanders is definitely fading to me. He is being eclipsed by Elizabeth Warren.

It is striking to me that Warren is only 6 years younger than Biden.