Josh Ocampo
Staff Writer
12:00 PM

SFO being up there isn’t a surprise. Their long term parking has significantly increased the past couple of years, and they charge a lot of money for coffee or anything else in the terminal. They have extra surcharges for BART rides to the airport, which has driven down ridership so badly that they’re including Read more

11:42 AM

Austin Bergstrom International is a great place for a layover. A large majority of the vendors are actual local establishments, the quality of the food and drink is on par with their brick and mortar, and the prices are only marginally higher. I don’t know if this is allowed because there isn’t a Sodexo or whoever Read more

10:44 AM

To me all airports are expensive since you are a captive audience. Unless I am traveling for business (expense reports) I avoid spending any money at them. Airports and the businesses in them appear to be all competing for the same revenue stream rather than working in partnership in getting positive revenue streams Read more

9:36 AM

NJT runs frequent trains from EWR to Penn Station. Travel time is 25 mins and cost is $15.25. Penn Station is a different kind of hell though.

9:26 AM

Regarding Dulles Airport, hopefully the new Silver Line will take it off that list when it opens next year after an eternity of planning and construction. Dulles has always been a good option for Virginians who live west of DC — just not so much for anybody else.

10:12 AM

Recycling? I gave up on that when I saw the same truck picked up the trash and recycling bins at the same time. Read more

12:34 PM

Landed in Belgrade three years ago. Got scammed by my taxi, so I was properly initiated. Arrived at my Airbnb flat. Was greeted by a guy who claimed to be the brother of the guy I’d been communicating with. Told me the same thing as in the horror story above - previous tenant flooded the flat I was supposed to rent Read more

10:57 AM

I’ve only used it a couple of times, but is anyone else just kind of skeeved out by AirBnb? I recognize the savings potential, but between the risk of scams and the effect they can have on housing costs in communities, I’m much more likely to scour the deal sites for well-priced hotel rooms.

9:53 AM

Nice article! I found the Vice article last weekend and had to slog through pages and pages of narrative to suss out a summary of the scam and a recommended means to protect myself. Thanks for getting the word out efficiently!

9:55 AM

I don’t care if they recline back to the point where they are curled up in my lap. Just don’t do disgusting shit like take off your shoes, change baby diapers in the main cabin (on the tray, no less!), or clip nails.

2:42 PM

Instacart user. Used at a store where I already spend my grocery money. ‘Express’ is $9.99 per month (delivery/service charge is then ‘free’ with a $35 minimum) and I have asked the shoppers/drivers if they get the tip (all of it) and they do. Of course I’d rather give them cash - if I could ever remember to carry it. Read more

2:26 PM

I recently had the (mis)fortune to move directly across a WFM. If I had any inclination of trying out Amazon Fresh before, it’s safe to say that that’s out of the window now. 

2:36 PM

Our dog once ate my wife’s passport 3 days before our ‘roadtrip through Canada’ honeymoon. Like, targeted specifically that one thing in her purse and tore it to hell. We were able to get another one expedited in time (fortunately, our first stop was Portland, ME) but yeah, that was stressful. Read more

3:59 PM

Also consider The Changeling (1980) with George C. Scott.

3:48 PM

Wish I could find a copy of 1408 with the theatrical ending. Liked it so much more than the Director’s Cut one that seems to be all over the place now.