Jan 18 2018

I am so confused by this entire argument. Aren’t social media posts, selfies, and other visibility-increasing things GOOD for a grass-roots movement? Wouldn’t you want protesters to post supportive messages, selfies, and other info about the protest on social media in order to encourage others to join? Or to act as a Read more

Sep 14 2016

I have heard a similar line of reasoning before. Apparently feminists trick women into thinking they were raped. When I was raped, my (now previous) best friend said she believed that *I* believed that I was raped, but that since I don’t remember most of the encounter due to alcohol, my memory isn’t to be trusted. Read more

Jun 9 2014

Maybe a year ago there was a link on jezebel or gawker to an article written by a woman who had been sexually assaulted by a large crowd of men in broad daylight. Does anyone know this article? If so, can you post the link?

Feb 26 2014

While I agree that it has a lot to do with money, it's very, very telling that in America it's mainly the minorities that don't have money. And a big reason it became that way is because of institutionalized racism- systems set up in a way to make sure that minorities make up the majority of the poor people. Things Read more

Aug 14 2013

Probably the most painful discussion I've ever had with a Republican was when I was trying to use the oft cited meritocracy argument to explain that I agree that things should be fair and equal to allow for the best and brightest to rise to the top, but that the system isn't like that right now because of racial and Read more

Aug 6 2013

This reminds me of Can't Buy Me Love- such an awesome 80s classic! I hope she doesn't spill wine on it!

May 7 2013

I know this is supposed to be a joke, but it kind of makes me uncomfortable that everyone LOVES this line and is going crazy over it. One of my friends posted a link to the article on facebook and a white person replied, "I would love to have a few malt liquors with this guy." I know people will probably think I'm Read more

Aug 16 2012

While I thought the glamouring scene with Hoyt was very emotional and sad, it kind of seemed ridiculous that Jessica didn't just glamour him and tell him he would be over their relationship and not in love with her anymore. That would be a much more convenient way of easing his broken heart, compared to erasing his Read more