Jordan Sargent
Jul 18 2018

if kawhi walks next season then the raptors are still paying lowry, ibaka and prob jonas like $80 million in 19-20 and idk if any of those guys are tradable even as expirings. they don’t have a 19 pick and wouldn’t be bad enough to get a good 20 pick or good enough to do anything in the playoffs. so maybe in 20 you Read more

Apr 17 2017

This is righteous video but when are we going to address what’s going on with Max Kellerman’s face

Dec 20 2016

Their defense has actually been pretty good. It’s the offense that has completely cratered.

Nov 23 2016

Kim Pegula, who owns the team along with her husband Terry. I should have added that the hacker didn’t need to call her a cunt.