Jordan Hoffman

His statement of taste being weak is a false proof used to make his declaration - it begs the question. Read more

His statement about taste being a weak sense is falsely used as proof to prove his point - it begs the question. Read more

I'm in a state of shock. Someone used the phrase "begs the question" correctly. Read more

The 1992 film FEED from Kevin Rafferty & James Ridgeway is some essential "Culture Jamming." I couldn't find any of it on YouTube just now but maybe someone else will have more luck. For the young 'uns out there, try and imagine a time where you DIDN'T have constant access to all sorts of video gaffes by Read more

Phoning Hollywood studios pitching story of Brave British intelligence officers proudly wanking for freedom as soon as I settle on appropriate title. Maybe Thunderballs? Read more

They had a whole shtick prepared. "Hello Hugh-Mon! We do not care for your custom of clothing your females!" and then they'd open their robes. Read more

Correct. She took an "Abramsverse" Engineering Red minidress, ripped it up to go Mirror (which has yet to be established in the "Abramsverse") and then added Trill spots (ditto.) She was very aware that what she was doing had yet to be established in canon - a divisive move among some Trek cosplayers (but one I Read more