Viva New Vegas
11/01/19 12:40PM

And a hearty fuck the A’s right back atcha, buddy. It’s been good.

3/30/19 12:03PM

You’re all over this thread whining about the dude. We get it, man. Go watch some solid chest passes and iron your khaki pants. 

11/14/18 8:01PM

Not sure it’s a “moral” victory when your purchase is deepening the pockets of Chick-fil-A’s homophobic Bible-thumping owners.

7/13/18 7:08AM

Good argument, with the exception of using multiples of the letters “d”, “e” & “s”. Unless you meant it to be pronounced “mooooooooooh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-eeeeeeeeeeeee-ssssssss”.

7/03/18 1:19PM

Serious question(s): How do you propose to force players to go where they don’t want to? The league already has a draft (economically unfair and unjust), and max contracts (economically unfair and unjust). What additional (economically unfair and unjust) mechanisms do you want to put in place so that homers can get Read more

6/21/18 12:47PM

This shit is so stupid. Forget the fact that someone can get seriously injured, this is just playground BS pure and simple. Why are certain emotions on the diamond acceptable and some aren’t? As if Hunter has never pumped his fist after getting a key strike out or DP. C’mon...You send a guy some chin music and stare Read more

6/21/18 11:15AM

I’m willing to risk it to meet whoever yelled “Hey it’s that guy who’s going to jail!” at Michael Cohen.

6/09/18 9:16AM

I love JaVale and whatever joys he gains from these championships make the world a better place.

6/06/18 2:52PM

Yesterday I got my 3 year old to pee standing up for the first time. He celebrated with us and then began to cry pretty much immediately thereafter. Turns out he had to poop and he was afraid he had to start doing it standing up for the rest of his life.
Read more

3/18/18 11:55AM

I’m glad James Harden and the Rockets are having success. For the last four years, the Warriors have played some of the most entertaining, aesthetically pleasing basketball ever, and it still became cool to shit on them relentlessly. Read more

3/18/18 11:30AM

he’s like one of those turd gamers that is already good at the game but on top takes advantages of glitches

2/02/18 3:49PM

Yes — workers should have covered for each other, instead of allowing themselves to be divided by management. If you have a unionized workplace, and management says that they need to massively increase their ability to surveil and punish workers, you resist it — even if you think some of your coworkers are dicks. Read more