John Cook
John Cook is the executive editor of the Special Projects Desk, which produces investigative work across all of Gizmodo Media Group's web sites.

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Feb 5

Stephen congratulations, I’m glad to hear you’ve stopped wasting your time on video games.

Oct 13 2017

One message from one random person that, from what I read, he probably wouldn’t be able to find anyway, isn’t going to make John Cook feel any better. Fuck it, I’m gonna write it anyway: Read more

Oct 13 2017

I’ve got PTSD from the time John made me vet a story involving treason as a possible consequence, in 30 min., while HD was away. Also, once he and I were arguing and he threw out “black’s law dictionary” as a response. I’ve loved working with John but man, has he made me work!

Oct 13 2017

I went to high school with John Cook. Can confirm that his status as an asshole is nothing new.

Jan 16 2014

I found an unretouched picture of the dog, please send $100 to me at Gawker.