John Cook
John Cook is the executive editor of the Special Projects Desk, which produces investigative work across all of Gizmodo Media Group's web sites.

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6:04 PM

i shot a bb gun at a moving car from the roof of my house and blew out the driver-side window and the driver stopped and saw me and my friends on the roof and we ran in different directions and the driver caught up to one of my friends and beat the shit out of him. we were 13.

12:05 AM

OK so here's a question. I arrived here sort of randomly. I didn't know you guys were in here right now talking Kinja. Someone posted a link to an old post of Nick's on Twitter, and I was reading that post, and the "recommended by Nick Denton" column had "How do Kinja Chats Work?" and I clicked on that. When I did, I

11:08 AM

We need to talk about this stupid "pictures of pigs with poop on their balls" ban. Unacceptable.

4:51 PM

Thank you for your interest, but Ms. Weaver is unavailable at the moment.

5:19 PM

Really great way to resurface "old" content and make it fresh.

2:49 PM

The alternative is to not go on a regulatory binge generating new rules for what journalists can and can't do. It's not clear, for instance, whether simply receiving private medical records is a prima fascie crime here—*sources* who have passed medical records to reporters have been prosecuted, but no reporters Read more

2:27 PM

The original owner of the MP's expense CD was presumably a public official, and as such, a bribe-taker. My point with the other instances of paying sources was that a) some of them likely pay public officials as well as private individuals and b) there's a plausible danger that when regulators here or in England begin Read more