Joe Tonelli
Aug 2 2019

Bravo, and Jim, please understand: this is not just “what Deadspin has done in the past” this is what Deadspin IS and ALWAYS HAS BEEN (capitalization yours, sort of): Read more

Feb 13 2019

I LOVED Dark Cloud 2 also! I even bought a rerelease of it for my PS4 and played through it again. It’s story is pretty schmaltzy but it is still a good game.

Mar 9 2018

*Friday afternoon intensifies*

Mar 2 2018

For at least six months in my first apartment, I had no internet. So I would load up movies and shows from my car next to a nearby coffee shop (because i couldn’t afford coffee). Sometimes I would lock my laptop in my trunk to download something for a while.

Mar 2 2018

I went to the library just to use aim and literally lived at the library at opening and closing times when I was a teen.

Dec 15 2017

I’m surprised and disappointed by the amount of negative fan reaction, especially in comparison to TFA, which I also enjoyed but was a much more flawed film. Read more

Dec 10 2017

Joe and io9/gizmodo, thanks for doing the interview and writing up the article. Appreciate getting to share some of my work with everyone. Read more

Dec 10 2017

Valid point. I (Magruder) definitely was not completely accurate and consistent with the weapons/accessories/etc when I made these tintypes. In particular, a bunch of the vehicle shots are missing significant parts as well. This is part of the nostalgia for me as well and added to the childhood accuracy. Thanks again Read more

Dec 6 2017

Mine works great until it eats a cat toy and dies under a table. Read more

Jul 23 2017

revised summary: “samwell preps his dinner. arya plays with dogs. all the worst characters spectacularly self-immolate.”