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11:47 AM

It’s certainly plusable. Adrian’s line about thinking wherever he is would “Be a paradise but it’s actually a prison” has been nagging at me since he uttered it.
For the smartest man on Earth the idea of living inside his own brilliant mind would certainly be an appealing idea, at least at first.

11:33 AM

Seconded. Joelle’s reviews are outstanding. They’re as good as anything that the AV Club put out in its prime.

11:24 AM

Off topic- With this show being an alternative timeline and being very focused on the evils of white supremacists along with the improvements on equality yet persistent problems. The idea of David Benioff and DB Weiss making Confederate seems even more ridiculous and unnecessary. Them being the showrunners for that Read more

11:20 AM

The amount of trauma/loss Angela has experienced . . . my god!

11:20 AM

I try not to let big plot twists factor into my assessment of a show’s episode, but I loved this one, and it very nicely thematically bookends the last one. Instead of a black character—with little power given his race and time—passing off as a white man wearing a mask, here we have an infinitely powerful blue giant Read more

11:17 AM

Veidt may be all flashbacks to when he was on Europa. He was then gilded and brought to Earth by Lady Trieu when her satellite spotted the message in dead clones. Or something like that.

11:13 AM

Oh good call on Looking Glass since one guys did not have a mask on. So I’m guessing he’ll help Laurie out somehow.

11:11 AM

Definitely on Looking Glass - one of the 7K in his shelter was missing his mask, so got to figure he’s wearing it.

11:05 AM

But he’s dead, so how would he be at the launch of the clock?”

Well, her mother’s dead, too.   Couldn’t it just be a clone with a memory kickstart like her?  My money’s on Veidt, but that’s a solid alternative guess.

11:03 AM

I can’t help but wonder now if Angela’s children are Manhattan clones. The floating magnets, after all..... Read more

11:02 AM

sad!prediction: Angela’s grandfather says she’s going to hate him when the millennium clock thing is over, and he knows dr. manhattan is Cal, and his whole life is oriented around foiling the 7k/Cyclops conspiracy, HJ is gonna kill (or try to kill) Cal so that the 7k can’t get their hands on him :( once again Read more

10:59 AM

Veidt was on Europa. We’ve been following him in the past. He sent a distress signal that said “Save me daughter” that was for Trieu. On Europa, Veidt was gilded (“guilty!”) and became a statue. Trieu somehow retrieved him, and that statue was in the ship we saw crashing into the farm that she purchased. She set the Read more

10:55 AM

Lots of reviewers have said that making Hooded Justice black was a change from the comics...even though it really isn’t because everything that we knew about HJ was speculation. Read more

10:53 AM

The end credits lullaby-ish cover of “Life on Mars” is honestly one of the best versions of the song I’ve ever heard and I am so hoping it gets released.

10:51 AM

Great review! This show goes well above and beyond the source material.

Also props to internet sleuths for figure out the twist early: the dildo’s name is Excalibur ——-> Literally for the Ex of Cal Abar.

Phew, I need to lie down.

What’s wrong with Kinja? Tried posting via Safari, Chrome and Opera and nearly pulled my Read more

10:49 PM

I’m really glad the task of reviewing this show here falls on Joelle, who’s been doing a stellar job at it. Can’t think of any of the usual reviewers here who would’ve been a better fit.