Joelle Monique
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Dec 2

Y’all are gonna make me cry before I go on camera. I love ya. Thanks so much for reading. The TV Club has quickly become my happy place. It’s a joy to write for you guys. 

Nov 25

I forgot about this moment with R. Good catch. I think everything is done very deliberately in this show, so I wouldn’t be surprised.

Nov 10

Ooooo. And we see she’s great at offering folks what they desire most Veidt did say that he thought his castle was a paradise at first. I like this theory a lot. 

Nov 4

This is s very fair critique of the recap. I love Laurie, and I wanted to explore what bring her back at this juncture meant for her character and for the show. Next week I’ll focus more on what’s on the screen. Thanks for taking the time to read it.

Oct 28 2019

Yes, but was that his real identity? No one is sure who he really was. The German circus performer was a best guess.