Joel Kahn
Aug 3

This is an ongoing debate in my house, to mix cereals or not...I am a firm believer in mixing, and I always eat two together(sometimes more if I’m particularly frisky)...I definitely agree with your sentiment, however one note to add is to make sure the consistency of cereals are at least somewhat similar, and the Read more

Jul 30

Hacks are supposed to simplify. This “hack” adds extra steps, and requires manipulating the box against its design. This is the antithesis of a hack.

Jul 7

Semi related - those stainless steel travel mugs come clean with a dose of Efferdent or Polydent denture cleaner. Fill with warm water, drop a tablet in, leave it a couple of hours, and voilà! Works well on white coffee mugs/cups, too.

Jul 7

My past is filled with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and my pans are still dirty. Am I doing it wrong?

Jun 23

I live in a conservative area and I love these people, but they don’t get the mask idea. They are right to say it doesn’t protect you. That’s true. That’s not what it is for. It is so you don’t spread droplets from YOUR mouth and infect others. It’s like herding cats with these people. I blame certain elderly pundits Read more

Jun 23

I would just like to highlight that wearing a mask is an inconvenience, not a burden for the majority of the people. There are many people who have to wear a mask all day as part of their jobs. Your nose might itch and your lip might get sweaty, but overall you’re being asked to sacrifice a bit of comfort and Read more

Jun 23

Many masks with this valve have the ability to turn the valve inside, than it also filters the air going outside.

Jun 23

Came here to make sure you had the ding ding picture. You did a good job.

Jun 23

You are all worrying for nothing. The specific people not covering their noses with their masks are not endangering you in any way. The reason, they’re mouth breathers.

Jun 23

This is a moral issue. If you don’t wear the mask properly, you are killing people with your selfish apathy.

Jun 23

Wearing your mask under your nose is like wearing your underwear under your junk. Defeats the purpose.

Jun 18

Why does this salad taste like I’m tossing salad?”