Joel Cunningham
Joel Cunningham is the managing editor of Lifehacker. He lives in Brooklyn and occasionally goes outside.
Oct 26

We were briefly car-free earlier this year but ended up resurrecting the beater we’d left to rot in the midwest when we moved to NYC 6 years ago because, especially back in April/May, it seemed the only way to get our kids outside of a six block radius of our apartment.

It’s still a hassle (managed to get pulled over Read more

Oct 20

“Definitively proving” masks “work” to slow the spread of Covid would be unethical. All we can do is rely on what data we do have available, all of which shows that masks seem to be effective at reducing transmission. On the other hand, there is zero downside to you wearing a mask, unless you are one of the very rare Read more

Oct 19

Thanks! Added a correction. It’s a fairly recent development and I hadn’t noted that.

Oct 18

Semantics of the phrase aside, I think the big difference is with cable, the choice was basically all or nothing—outside of premium channels, if you wanted more than the basic over-the-air channels you had to take the whole package and pay $40+ per month. Now you can choose streaming services that interest you, and Read more

Oct 16

I mean, for purposes of this list, we are calling “horror,” “indie cinema,” and, uh, basically “old movies” niche, so I wouldn’t say we are marginalizing anime.

That said, I do think it is a growing thing in the U.S., but it still has limited appeal. The Pixar movies are quite beloved, but when they play in theaters Read more

Oct 16

At least Pluto is free. I made the mistake of signing up for something called FuboTV and it was an incomprehensible mess. And the movie I signed up to watch—because the Just Watch app told me it was there—didn’t “air” for three weeks.

Oct 15

The deals on the Burger King app are absurd. You can get combos with two Whoppers, drinks and fries for $8, when ordering the same items off the menu would cost you close to $20. Or you can get a double cheeseburger, fries and a drink for $3. I would have killed for a $3 fast food meal option back in college, and that Read more

Oct 15

Yes, with two kids and constant kitchen messes, we go through. lot of paper towels.