Joel Johnson
Jun 1 2017

I bought a cargo van to move cross-country. It was boring and white, so I had a couple friends use it as their canvas. They got a cool rolling billboard across the country, and I got something more fun than your typical construction van.

Aug 17 2015

I simply cannot get over how poor the fuel economy is. I’ve been doing better than these numbers in the 6.2 V8 GMC I’m evaluating this week.

Jun 16 2015

The front end make me think of the Land Cruiser FJ55:

Apr 15 2015

For some reason every Forerunner I know has been to the beach. Some more than others.

Apr 14 2015

Johnny on the Spot! Radiator or Trans cooler too?

I just refreshed the suspension on my 99 Limited using OEM LBJs, 906 springs for a little lift, and am doing the Tundra Brake Upgrade this weekend!

Can't wait to see what you throw at this 3rd gen. They seem almost bulletproof.

Dec 17 2014

Fun fact: those mud flaps are Warner Brothers' oldest continuous license agreement item.