Joan Summers
local gossip
Jan 10

This is not the first—or certainly the last—time management at a heralded publication has tampered with journalistic integrity for profit, or shown a clear misunderstanding of basic editorial principles.

Jan 10

Behind the scenes, these women have helped overhaul the company’s approach to protecting elections, creating a new ad library to ensure transparency, and partnering with over 55 third party fact-checking organizations. Read more

Oct 3

Oh god, one of those “You just don’t understand!” responses. Okay, you’re right, I don’t understand, can you help me understand? “No! If you don’t understand, I can’t help you understand! You’ll never understand!” FFS, just admit you were trying to get attention, and it backfired because it got you the wrong kind of Read more

Sep 24

It’s just too perfect that the weird dude from Silicon Valley would pull this shit. I hope she leaves him and takes him for everything he’s worth.

Sep 24

I used to occasionally enjoy Thomas Middleditch on Comedy Bang Bang (podcast). He and Lauren Lapkis were really funny together. But then one day he admitted openly that he was annoyed and angry when her career seemed to be going better than his (even though with Silicion Valley he’s arguably more successful). And it Read more

Sep 17

I don’t know about KK, but Ivanka may have cut her hair to get rid of damage caused by bleaching. No matter how much you condition it, hair that’s been bleached from dark brown to light blonde gets “tired.” I think Gwen Stefani once said that she really didn’t cut her hair often because it just breaks off.

Sep 17

How long are we allowing hair to be while still qualifying as a bob?  Every couple of years bobs have a moment and people stretch the definition to ridiculous extremes. 

Sep 5

I hate that I know that Kristen Taekman lasted 2 seasons.

Sep 5

I will hate myself for knowing this, but KT was on for two seasons, at least... I think the one season member was Jules.  What’s up with her juice?  See? I made it worse :)

Sep 5

Well let’s see here... over the past decade there’s been like nine versions of these shows doing three seasons per year with no breaks and much like other pop culture landfills such as Marvel or Ariana Grande I can’t read even basic news without having to take a massive huff of their fumes... so I’m thinking just this Read more

Aug 27

The fact the law firm represented USC in the past shouldn’t really be an issue for them, considering the rules of ethical walls and the likelihood it was completely unrelated. It’s common. Read more

Aug 26

Gotta say ‘Good on the DJ’ for saying no to some self important scam artist who was happy to sell his authority to the highest bidder.

Aug 26

You know what bill clinton doesn’t hate, flying on a plane with a pedophile.