Sep 3 2015

Why? Quick release! Squeeze grab phone and go, strongest suction cup, arm extender, study, and smart charger connection. Wireless version is also too superb.

May 2 2014

I wish someone (hint, hint) would make a chart of all the privacy extensions that tell us, for example, "if you use Privacy Badger, you don't need Ghostery" or "Priv3 is not enough; use Privacy Badger as well". I've mentioned before here that I have like 8 extensions/plugins on Firefox, and I am sure that they are Read more

Apr 14 2014

Someone should add contacts to the phones with name like 'to whom' and 'I'm sorry' etc and turn this into a "Who's On First" for 2014.

Nov 14 2013

Like Andy said, my ex-wife's roommate makes $63 / hour hunting down the actual changelogs for iOS updates.

Oct 11 2013

What are you doing looking at the toilet paper roll when you should be three-starring every level of Angry Birds? Read more

Sep 9 2013

If I could invent some sort of service that would hide the posts of everyone who uses the word "butthurt" in reply to anyone stating an opinion, I would consider it a well- spent internet existence. I would give myself world-changer status if said service also rendered the attribute to the labeller.