J Naylor
Nov 9 2016

You mean the suffering of policies and funding that support programs and initiatives that benefit the middle and lower class? Like Planned Parenthood? Like healthcare for all? Like taxes that don’t overburden them and reward those at the top?

Sep 21 2016

Marshawn followed up the discussion of Kaepernick by asking where he could get some of those skittles that Donald Trump Jr. was tweeting about.

Aug 19 2016

Commentator, in crisp English accent: Folks at home may be asking themselves, “How will he finish?” And, well, Depends.

Mar 3 2016

I can’t even get a fucking beer at Cracker Barrel, and their old-timey gift store is shitty and overpriced. So straight to the bottom it goes. Read more

Oct 30 2014

I'm just surprised he didn't go with big money free agent Lamarr Houston ending his season while celebrating a sack of a backup quarterback...while his team trailed by 25 points midway through the fourth quarter.