Oct 16 2019

Does this mean we can go back to not caring about soccer?  I’m hoping a second missed World Cup will get us there.

Oct 9 2019

Israel-Palestinian conflict is nothing similar to China and Hong Kong. The Arab-Muslim Palestinians left the lands year-round the oncoming onslaught in 1948 expecting to walk triumphantly back into what would then be Judenrein land. As we know, this didn’t happen. Yes, there was one tragic battle that “innocent” Read more

Oct 8 2019

Those “rational people” tend to sympathize with an oversimplified narrative that tries to paint an oppressee/oppressor dynamic while ignoring all of the two sided history that got us to today. More recent discourse is the product of a communication strategy to paint Israel is a “white” group oppressing people of color Read more

Oct 8 2019

It’s crazy people think this. My wife and I have been to Israel multiple times with evangelicals and have never once heard them bring up the end times (besides when we were at Tel Meggido, to reference the fact that we were standing in the place know as Armageddon). Read more

Oct 8 2019

The difference between Israel-Palestine and China-Hong Kong, then, is only that Israel has been more successful in branding its conflict with those it oppresses as genuinely above reproach than China has thus far been with its dealings with Hong Kong. Read more

Sep 23 2019

If I remember right, wasn’t the Champions League final between two Premiere League teams?

Sep 23 2019

Here’s the big difference. In ten years, there will be different teams at the top of the Prem. Man U will come back. Chelsea will come back. Someone will be bought be a billionaire and make a run to the top. Read more

Sep 20 2019

I've typed out like 6 different jokes but I can't bring myself to post any. This shit isn't funny. This fucker shouldn't be playing in the NFL right now making millions of dollars. He should be in jail or therapy or both. Fuck this guy.

Sep 18 2019

Can we agree that while Cam Newton isn’t particularly selfish, he does consistently come off like an asshole? The way he dresses, the way he pouts and whines after losses, the dismissal of “females talking about routes” etc. Doesn’t mean dick about how good he is as a quarterback, but it doesn’t make him likable. Read more

Sep 18 2019

I would be more surprised to learn the President called the cops on a child rapist than to learn (definitively) that the President raped a child. So that’s something about America in 2019.

Sep 11 2019

Except the headline read “Lawsuit: Antonio Brown Raped Former Trainer” so clearly it stated the allegation made in the lawsuit and was not concluding the truth of anything. I mean, it’s embedded in this article, at least try harder with the bad faith arguments.

Sep 10 2019

So rather than genuine personality conflict, it sounds like the dispute between Antonio Brown and Ben Roethlisberger was more of a “Tastes Great / Less Filling” type of problem. Read more

Sep 7 2019

They chose to void his guaranteed money after telling the press they’d kissed and made up with him. Read more

Sep 2 2019

The solution is for the team to pay him. They can absorb the cost in any event, they likely have three or four more years of Gordon’s prime, he could easily be a valuable player beyond that, and they have certainly extracted significant surplus value from him during his time on his rookie contract. 

Aug 31 2019

I'm a Seahawks fan so obviously biased, but yhus seems like a fairly lopsided trade to everyone else, right? I read that even if Seattle can't come to terms on a long term extension after the season (apparently they can't negotiate until the season ends, they'll still get a comp pick for him if he leaves in free Read more