Jim Pagels
1:57 PM

I'm still amazed that there are people out there that use the standard scoring. Why? It's ridiculous and there isn't a fantasy football site out there that won't let you modify your league scoring.

1:52 PM

Could be worse. You could have joined a league with "Custom Scoring" even though the owner said "Standard Scoring applies", only to find out they added 1 point per yard, no matter what. Meaning that Devin Hester, Benjamin Cunningham, and Jarvis Landry become the top players in the league (they return punts, a fair Read more

1:44 PM

What I want to see is on the 7th pitch, the machine dials in a 37 mph change up. I'm assuming the guy would just fall over.

1:43 PM

I worked at a go-kart, bumper boat, batting cage place in high school. When it would rain we'd shut down the batting cages because they'd throw the ball all over the place. Like behind you, at your head etc with no consistency. It was like Russian Batting Cage Roulette. Of course, after our shift would end, and having Read more

3:10 PM

I've always thought the Stanley Cup Finals competing directly with the NBA Finals was the dumbest thing of all time, since just a month later literally nothing was going on. Read more

2:17 PM

So you're geeked as hell about the World Cup, cranking out article after article about it, despite it costing billions of dollars that could have been better spent improving life for ordinary Brazilians. Read more

2:34 PM

Oh oh oh, yeah, I didn't see that it was just finals. But yeah. That was the illest. (Because of the puking)

2:25 PM

In those first few videos, why are those players moving up to the net? I don't get it. What is this "volley" you speak of? Tennis is bashing mindlessly from the baseline with composite rackets strung higher than meth lab. It's like some sports version of a silent movie.

2:13 PM

Better point: Is there ever an NBA season that doesn't end with the Miami Heat, San Antonio Spurs, LA Lakers, Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls, Detroit Pistons or Houston Rockets winning the title in the past 33 seasons? Read more

1:40 AM

During a press conference, police reported they have nothing to go on.

6:08 PM

This is likely one of the most asinine treatises ever written on DS. If you can't contemplate the difference between capitalism, wherein the capital owners DO benefit from the work of their employees — but employees whose work is freely given and compensated at market rates — and slavery — wherein people are Read more

3:04 PM

I don't think you should self righteously use the ghosts of slaves to tell people what they should and shouldn't say. Slavery, the holocaust, Hiroshima and every other historical catastrophe you can name should be alive and well in our discourse and we should always be relearning the lessons our ancestors died to Read more

2:49 PM

Please don't compare modern athletics to slavery again. Do the players live comfortably and free on their own accord? Is this job completely voluntary? Not a plantation, never will be. Have some respect for what the slaves went through.

5:10 PM

I'm a staunch believer that the NCAA tournament should have at-large bids and seeding determined by a concrete as-objective-as-possible formula. Read more

2:21 PM

Some CBS program director looks at possible brackets, and the one that gets the most, "Yeah, that would make for some great television!" type of comments is the one the NCAA decides on.