Jim Cooke
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Aug 2 2019

Bravo, and Jim, please understand: this is not just “what Deadspin has done in the past” this is what Deadspin IS and ALWAYS HAS BEEN (capitalization yours, sort of): Read more

Nov 10 2017

Shush, she is perfectly happy here and will never want to leave. Hear that Chelsea? NEVER.

Nov 9 2017

Thank you for the post. Jezebel pursued an open secret story inside of an industry that’s incredibly male dominated and where misogynist views (women aren’t and can’t be funny) still exist. The nature of CK’s comedy added icky complexity to the endeavor. Strong CK defenders (outside the comedy world) are to CK what Read more

Apr 6 2017

“What advantages does this war have over, say, an ethnic cleansing, which I could also afford?”

Mar 31 2017

This is amazing, top to bottom, even if it’s probably not healthy for us as readers to have so much miserableness in such a concentrated dose. Read more

Mar 8 2017

So what’s it called? A “flipoffian tube?”

Mar 8 2017

Jim, your illustrations always add so much the the articles, thank you for your work. Read more

Mar 8 2017

Proud Polish girl here. Yes, we used it a lot. Additionally, it was used as background/profile picture on Facebook by half of my friends. I had it for months. I think it’s because Polish goverment tried to make women nothing else than walking uteruses, and the uterus responsed in a simple, yet meaningful way. It’s Read more

Jan 13 2017

That illustration is a work of art. I’d love to buy a print and video tape my wife peeing on it.

Nov 18 2016

Man, people sure have a strange way of expressing their economic insecurity.