Jim Cooke
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Sep 26 2016

The next ads should just juxtapose all the time he claimed, “I never said that.” with all the footage of him saying that.

Feb 19 2016

I’m a good person with a lovely family, Ashley. So . . . maybe once. yolo.

Feb 19 2016

A better question is, “You just found out your true love has been fucking a goat every three months. Are they still your true love?”

Oct 7 2015

Marchman and the deadspin staff workshopped the names, and then I did my thing on the logos.

Jul 29 2015

Yeah, that’s actually me. But yes, Sam sits next to Tara on the other side.

May 22 2015

Not an accident, but I once showed up at a local burger place with some friends only to find out that they had just closed the kitchen because they were holding a hot dog eating contest that was about to begin. The hot dogs were 3 feet long, and served in long stiff bread kind of like baguettes. I was hungry. The Read more

Feb 9 2015

I Want My Hat Back is so great. One of the only children's books I can think of with an actual murder in it.

Jan 9 2015

I like you. You get it. I really don't want to have to make this plaque.

Jan 9 2015

One of the greatest parts of my job are the days when Tommy Craggs, in a flurry of excitement, runs over to me and says something like, "Hey Cooke, can you draw Derek Jeter getting his ass eaten out?" or, "Hey Cooke, can you draw a quick dong on the new Cubs mascot?" Read more

Nov 5 2014

Mark, you forgot this one of Robert DeNiro and Gerard Depardieu getting a handjob together.