Dec 11 2017

this is the worst thing ever typed into kinja, worse than the hogan post

Sep 29 2015

This is terrible reporting, peak oil is a theory about the second derivative (growth and decline of the *rate* of oil production) not about total inventory (running out). Read more

Sep 29 2013

More nonsense propaganda and lies from the climate crazies. This time they think we'll be able to afford retirement at 65!

Aug 6 2013

The second incident happened on Memorial Day 2012 when two women were pulled over for speeding in Brazoria County near Houston. Once again, a trooper said he smelled marijuana, and summoned a female trooper to search the pair. The search can be seen on the video above. From the Daily News story: Read more

Jul 30 2013

The car is motivated by what BMW calls the Drive Module, a 22-kilowatt, 450-pound lithium ion battery mounted centrally that sends power to a rear-mounted electric motor. Read more

Dec 6 2011

Chapter 5 of Jared Diamond's "Collapse" is all about this. He ties it into how the deforestation of Easter Island had similar consequences.