Jun 20 2018

Remember folks, doxxing is bad unless it’s done against people you disagree with.

Jun 5 2018

Dammit. This wasn’t funny at all. I’m fucking crying.

Jul 14 2017

Emma Carmichael is a wonderful and supportive boss who eggs you on at the right moments and also is incredibly patient with drunk bloggers. (She has this very specific “uh huh, uh huh” nod that makes you realize it’s time to go home, but in a nice way.) That said, this is rude.

Nov 22 2016

In 2011, Kristin Davis adopted Gemma Rose Davis. In 2016, Davis realized that her whiteness only protects her and not her daughter. Great. Read more

Nov 21 2016

a big ol fuck up followed by some decent apologies / basic accountability feels like an honest to God palate cleanser at this point.

Nov 8 2016

I’m waiting for the final one: “Not our President”

Nov 7 2016

The worst thing about a Mazel Tov cocktail is having to light all nine fuses before throwing it.

Oct 25 2016

Vigilante teen is a strong black principled teen, and we’ve all seen this movie before.

Oct 24 2016

“He had 50 years to put Tom’s name on any of these papers,” Ms. DeMaio said. “The will was never a valid will.” Read more

Oct 3 2016

I can’t even believe people think she’s lying. Why the fuck would any body lie about this? Why the fuck would Kanye leave in the middle of his concert if shit didn’t go down? People’s hatred for this family is absurd. She’s not my favorite person in the world but no one deserves this and she legit could have been Read more