John C.
11:22 PM

Matt Richards wasn’t around yet when Rogowsky was pushed out. At least I don’t think he was — he may have done a few random games, but he wasn’t one of the regular alternate hosts. Read more

9:47 AM

“Damnit, Uther! I didn’t ask for these freakish proportions!”
“What are you talking about? Your proportions are perfectly normal.
“No - this is the work of that bastard Samwise Didier!”
“We’re all just his puppets, made to put on a twisted play!”
Get a hold of yourself! You’re talking nonsense!”
“Don’t you get it? Read more

5:14 PM

Let the player decide when they want to do that. The pet in Torchlight doesn’t take away all of your reasons to go back, just the most unanimously boring one: selling junk.

4:23 PM

I can see that but after playing so much path of exile and having to go to town to everytime I fill up my pack (high tier items only) I’m finding myself going to town every fifteen minutes. Borderlands 3 I’m just leaving purples out in the world because going to town means starting in the middle or beginning of a map. Read more

3:59 PM

Gianna, one of his daughters, was in the bird too, if the commenters here would like to stop dancing on his grave for a minute.

3:51 PM

His 13-year-old daughter died in the crash too. While you guys take victory laps, make sure you at least spare a moment for the loss of a child’s life.

1:48 PM

I really liked the show, but good lord was ANYONE thinking when they laid out the timeline?
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2:52 PM

You can’t believe it because you’re privileged enough not to have to deal with the actual issues that the people who are made to wear these sorts of uniforms in real life have to deal with, and you’re also not empathetic enough to understand the perspective of another fellow human being, and how such a thing might Read more

1:26 PM

Yeah, given that an Xbox is basically already a PC and that MS’s recent initiative seems to be combining Win10 and Xbox gaming, the built in Xbox is extremely redundant.

1:11 PM

The Xbox version seems pointless. Basically all Xbox One games are on PC anyways. Also while the novelty might be neat for some it’d likely be cheaper and more practical to just buy a PS4 Pro and make a gaming PC. Or as you mentioned wait for the new consoles.  Guess I am just getting old the younger me would have Read more

6:31 PM

I wouldn’t reminisce about an old teacher sending me a pile of floppy dicks.

6:00 PM

Ah... When the bosses at GMG do force the staff’s hand at advertising Amazon then the staff has to advertise Amazon. I’m not sure it’s the staff’s fault. By rights the management could have any negative article about Amazon stricken from the blog and so far they hadn’t. Go figure.
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6:59 PM

Hey, let’s talk about how G/O media are such gutless scum that they took down all of the posts across the kinjaverse about how awful the autoplaying videos are and how to contact the ownership about it. Read more

6:29 PM

Oh look, I found it. It appears that if one decides to email regarding the auto-play videos, it will get sent to the people making these stupid decisions.

6:20 PM

It’s easy to see why Bill and the Pats win so much in the AFC. Part of it is his coaching acumen and front office maneuvering, the other is that just about every other coach in the conference in any given year is a ding-dong.

6:20 PM

Anyone have a link to the email accounts linked in the the now-deleted post regarding complaints for the auto-playing videos? Because it would be a shame if that got posted in the comments on every single story from here on out.