Jesus Diaz
Aug 6 2016

Easy test. Put your wife and dog in the trunk of a car for 3 hours and see which one is happy to see you when you open it back up. Keep that one.

Jul 5 2016

No. Steve Rogers was born and raised on the Lower East Side of Manhattan....just like his co-creator, Jack Kirby which is why Roger Stern and John Byrne did that during their all-too-brief but perfect run. Seriously, if you haven’t read this you are missing one of the best Cap runs ever. And I mean EVER.

Feb 10 2016

What? The case is made of Titanium. The rubber band is not the cheap Casio kind but more like the ones made by Hublot or Rolex. Granted, you might think this is not worth $1500 but you didn’t even mention that after two years of owning the watch, you can pay another $1500 and get a real, mechanical, Carrera. This is a Read more

Dec 20 2015

I actually assumed he survived as soon as I saw it. Why would his jacket be outside the closed, burning ship?

Dec 1 2015

It was in the Special Edition, in the scene where you see a Stormtrooper riding a dewback in Tatooine... “Look, sir, droids!”

Dec 1 2015

This was my nerd response as well, so I’m pleased we both went to the same place. But I also consulted Wookiepedia, and it looks like ol’ George may have put one of those things in one of the newer versions of A New Hope. So technically it is in the original trilogy, although fuck that.

Dec 1 2015

Just going to throw this up before the Star Trek nerds try get in on the Ship measuring contest

Dec 1 2015

It doesn’t make any sense at all, most of the climate change arguments can be changed into environmental causes, yet they are strangely anti environment. Read more

Sep 21 2015

You can have both if you like. A fascination of our universe and know its creator. Enjoy

Mar 13 2015

Just when you think humanity is "getting it", is the moment you have narrowed your perspective to an infinitely small point of view. "Getting it" will never happen for the speck of life we call us. We have been created from "it". Trying to comprehend that reality is enough of a challenge. Something we must give up Read more

Jan 2 2015

Our assessment of the 'void' is based on inherent assumptions, and most of those assumptions are based on our current technology. So for example, we interpret our insignificance as it is juxtaposed against our ability to travel within the void. Space seems just as endless to us as an ocean must feel to a tiny shrimp. Read more