Jessica Coen
12:54 PM

This wedding shit is getting out of hand. The universe does not revolve around 1) you or 2) your wedding budget or 3) your gift registry. It’s a party you chose to throw, people are not legally bound to show up (even when they said they would). Weddings are becoming the outlet of choice for asshole behavior nowadays.

12:49 PM

It’s always a good sign when a couple starts off their marriage with an act of complete and total self-centered assholery.

4:42 PM

I don’t know if this helps, but: CST, or Central Standard Time, is offset six hours from UTC, which is sort of like Greenwich Mean Time and is the standard by which we set our clocks. CDT, or Central Daylight Time, is offset five hours, and it’s only observed during Daylight Savings Time, and the whole idea is that we Read more

1:13 PM

“Welcome to Zales. Jet fuel can’t melt steel beams.”

10:28 AM

As someone who wasn’t crazy about the idea of doing a wedding-wedding but is doing it anyway, for a variety of reasons - look, we can’t always get the chill backyard paper lamp-lit commitment ceremony of our dreams, ok? I made my peace with doing a wedding-wedding because, well, my parents and extended family would be Read more

2:48 PM

The other thing worth mentioning (although I realize it isn’t nightlife) is the incredible concentration of spas in Vegas. They aren’t cheap but are comparable to what you’ll pay in most major cities, and for spas like the one at the Aria which allow full use of their facilities throughout the entire day of your Read more

2:39 PM

I lived in Vegas for 2 years for work and just got back from a 10 day trip there for a work-related conference (Blackhat/Defcon). I hated living there but love to visit, AMA.

2:37 PM

The rooms at the Wynn and Encore are great and all, and Bellagio is nice, but the wrap-around terrace suites at the Cosmopolitan are hands-down my favorite rooms in Vegas. Snag one overlooking the Bellagio fountains and you will never stay at the Bellagio again. Read more

2:30 PM

I live in Las Vegas. Sadly, I downloaded our bank account from since we moved here, and we’ve spent around $15K eating out in the last year. M Life (MGM’s rewards program) bumped our status because we spend so much money on food. It’s a bad place to live as a foodie.
Read more

2:16 PM

One of the best dining experiences I’ve ever had was at e (with accent mark) located within Jaleo at the Cosmopolitan. It’s hella expensive, but it’s 20+ courses at an 8 person counter and the food in prepared directly in front of you.

1:34 PM

Important points you missed: If you’ve never gambled at the tables and are interested in learning, most casinos have free lessons around 10 am, usually for craps. I’ve seen these lessons at Excalibur. Read more

1:27 PM

My hubby and I are going this weekend! For west coasters, it’s a great place for a quick weekend getaway, with a short flight. We don’t gamble either, but love the restaurants and the shows. Read more

12:59 PM

I friggen LOVE Vegas.
Been there 4 times and planning trip number 5 and 6 (Star Trek convention next August anyone :P)
I have yet to gamble there, oddly enough. My hubby and I love the food and the fact that i, as a celiac, was able to get fresh gluten free ravioli from Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant under Luxor *drool* and Read more

2:26 PM

Before I got married, I had good luck in London. They take bisexuals seriously, too. No one accused me of doing it for attention, which was nice.

2:23 PM

I’m curious about Montreal, always thought it might hold it’s own in that regard.

1:42 PM

Amsterdam! Plenty of clubs and bars, but also parties and places where it’s more about the conversation and meeting people than about hookups (not that you can’t have both).