10:19 PM

on the topic of revive a stake loaf...take a stale or frozen piece of bread, put it in a brown paper bag, and run it under the tap to get wet. Put it in the oven (approx. 350d) until the paper bag is dry. The bread comes out like it was fresh baked, crunchy on the outside and soft inside. (nothing beats

10:54 AM

@jbouklas: Hulu is way more watchable for me than it used to be. The Beta helps, as do some hacks that I discovered on the Boxee forums (one to tweak the ATV network settings, and one to tweak the skiploop on the ATV for smoother streaming). It still can stutter a bit, but now no more than it does on my laptop. It

2:17 PM

I am super sick of these articles. So your hackintosh didn't work perfectly for you...are you really SHOCKED? Mine is working BETTER than fine (Dell Mini 9) but I went into it with the knowledge that I would probably have to tweak here and there to get it working the way that it should if something were to go wrong.

2:09 PM

I set this up too, when I first got Dropbox a handful of months ago. I do use the Transmission Web UI, but usually only to monitor my torrent progress. Nothing is easier than dragging and dropping files!

11:55 AM

The link in the previously posted guide should read like this:

10:22 AM

SO JEALOUS Gina. I have an enormous writer/geek crush on Wil Wheaton. He's almost as made of awesome as my husband is.

12:27 PM

I agree that Gnome Do rocks!! When I am not on my Mac, I seriously miss Quicksilver, and Gnome Do is the best Quicksilver-style utility on another platform that I have seen yet!

12:34 PM

Even being a huge Apple fangirl, the MBA just didn't impress me, especially at its price point. I am not, however, surprised that they are selling well. It is not a piece of crap by any means (just overpriced), and plus, the Apple marketing machine is pretty powerful!

11:49 AM

@ripfire4: I have one and I love it as well. I upgraded the RAM to 2GB, popped in an 8GB SDHC card, and installed Ubuntu on it. I was expecting it to be good but I have been very impressed with its capabilities and performance so far. The price ($400 for my model) was definitely right after lusting after $2K+

2:00 AM

For you fellow Mac users who want your click-hold context menus back, go to about:config and change the following integer:

5:05 PM

I have great renter's (and car) insurance through Safeco. I pay about $11 a month and I have $25K in coverage on my possessions, including blanket coverage on my diamond engagement ring. Back in January my car got broken into and over $2K in possessions were stolen from my trunk. My car insurance didn't cover them,