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"...This is a real paradox for me: My entire life I've been told I wasn't pretty enough. My entire life I was told by people that I was ugly, that I was too tall, that I was flat-chested, that I was this, that I was that. When I was a stripper I was never quite pretty enough. I was never one of the beautiful girls. I

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Baltimore contractor C. J. O'Brien rigged up a device back in 1934 that sounded a pistol alarm when disturbed in order to catch his spendthrift wife red-handed when she picked his pockets. She probably wanted to blow all his money on hats anyway! [Modern Mechanix]

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Two new studies show that the average citizen is starting to get on the pro-environment bandwagon. Market research firm KPMG found that 88% of holiday shoppers describe themselves as "very concerned" about the environment. According to MediaPost, "74% say they buy environmentally friendly products, 60% say they are