Jesse Farrar
6:12 PM

What about remaining a whole entire person, with some extra fun parasite friends living inside of you to keep you company? I bet your local animal control can help out with obtaining some of the more exotic roadkill meats.

6:02 PM

which presumably was serviced in Ms. Rombauer’s case by picking up some of the spicy root on her way back from the garden Read more

5:45 PM

Happy this series is still ongoing! Hopefully, the book provides a more worthwhile recipe next time.

5:42 PM

I can’t count the number of times I’ve bought jarred horseradish products (plain, creamed, sauce, etc) only to find, after opening, the stuff inside had lost most of its infamous horseradishy bite. My suggestion? Open the jar in the parking lot before leaving the store and taste it. At least you won’t have to make the Read more

5:21 PM

Jesse, which edition/year is your Joy of Cooking from? I know the recipes have changed a lot — my mom’s circa-1950s edition includes recipes for squirrel and possum.

5:15 PM

This article brought a flood of childhood memories for me. My parents were social butterflies and sometimes the life of the party on Saturday nights and one or the other come home “feeling no pain”, depending on who was the bigger party animal the other would make Sunday breakfast (a very quiet breakfast) for the Read more

5:03 PM

I recently found a 1943 edition of Joy of Cooking at my local used bookstore. Even better: it’s full of newspaper clippings from the 60s and hand-written recipe scraps from somebody’s grandmother, most of which are written in a scrawling, spidery script that I can barely decipher. I’ve learned by perusing it that you Read more

4:35 PM

Well, but you left out the part where Jucing’s brother got him/her the book for Christmas.

4:07 PM

Note: We once analyzed minute-by-minute ratings of ESPN programs when Jason Whitlock appeared on them (as a guest, or hosting PTI, etc). We didn’t finish that project because there were bigger issues to deal with, but our research indicated that even on ESPN, viewers would change the channel (or turn their TVs off)

4:18 PM

Another casino worker here, and most of what’s here is good advice, save for the part about avoiding bacarrat. Also, take note that no casino comps anything significant regarding how much you gambled and/or lost in the poker room, and if the sports book is leased out to a third party, you can add that to Things Read more

9:34 PM

Hey, I actually work at Winstar, incidentally, anyone got questions?

2:47 PM

I’m off to Vegas in a few weeks. So glad I learned about Dealer tipping. Never crossed my mind. I just imagine Chevy Chase’s Vegas Vacation and try to make myself think it’ll be okay!

2:25 PM

Ah, right, sorry, I forgot to include the link. We always post a bare-bones nuts-and-bolts version of the recipe over at my personal Kinja blog, for people who are just looking for a recipe and don't want to do a bunch of reading. Here's this week's: Read more