Jesse Farrar
4/18/16 2:37PM

I’m so sorry to read this, because it is truly heartbreaking, and yet I can’t help but think it deserves an even longer treatment somewhere. If it gave you any solace at all to write about your experience, please look into expanding on it if you can. It’s something that many of us, sadly, can relate to.

2/24/16 8:54PM

You’re right. They do not have Mortal Kombat in casinos. We regret the error.

2/19/16 3:33PM

if it were not so unconscionably and tonally absurd, it would be like the most boring thing on the planet. i dont get what the upside even was

2/19/16 3:21PM

did everybody actually read the holtzclaw thing? i mean, you dont have to read it to know it’s bad, but damn. it’s really bad

2/11/16 4:46PM

Laughed out loud at “sandwich pal”—had no idea it said that on the bottle. Hahahaha.

2/10/16 7:52PM

Please read the column before posting. This is your only warning.

2/10/16 6:15PM

As a Tennessean, I couldn’t swing a dead cat without finding a free source of meat in my vicinity.

2/10/16 5:38PM

Mine is the 1973 printing, but it, too, has instructions on how to skin a squirrel and opossum (peccary, even) in its pages. Hopefully we’ll be able to attempt a preparation of some of the more unusual proteins as we move along, although I prefer to stay as far away from bear meat as possible. Read more

2/10/16 5:33PM

That’s so wonderful. Kudos to mom and dad for having a post-kid social life!

2/10/16 5:17PM

You could put a fried egg on top of a gas fireplace log and it’d be, at worst, fine, but: point taken.

2/10/16 5:16PM

I will admit ignorance with respect to the exact differences between prepared horseradish, horseradish sauce and horseradish, but in truth I was imagining the root itself. This particular item was not available to me, but it could very well be a better fit!

2/10/16 5:08PM

There’s a time and place for everything. But if you honest to god prefer ground turkey, then you’re right, you’re probably better off.

2/10/16 4:51PM

Hoo boy. Not that warmed-over steak is any great triumph, but yikes.

1/14/16 3:35PM

The out of season beer tip is no joke. World Market had a pallet of mad deece pumpkin beers for about $3/six pack last March. Tasted (relatively) fine.

1/11/16 12:39PM

Yeah, and if the croupier has a good arm, the ball will go faster. Who cares? The cards are no more or less predictable than a wheel spin. It’s less fun to look at, but the odds are unaffected.