8:07 AM

Honda DC5 Integra daily driver owner here... I love the car, it’s fun to drive, the looks still hold up IMO, the drivetrain is still rock solid and dependable, I like the interior, the hatch with split folding seats is seriously useful, it’s just unique enough these days to stick out in a crowd, even the base engine Read more

1:45 PM

I appreciate the mkv gti love. I still have mine (my first car) as a winter beater/project car and it’s the same situation. It’s not perfect, but it’s mechanically sound and I have beat on it since I got it with 48k miles and it’s now at 150k. It’s got an apr stage 1 tune and I drive it hard every time I drive it and Read more

8:44 AM

Damn it! CUSTOM controllers. But I guess in a way, my typo wasn’t wrong.

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8:53 AM

I was almost on board until I saw the original. The original is NP all day. This? Not only no, but hell no.

8:29 AM

Before you vote CP, you need to know why - behold, the car in its original, beautiful form:

8:08 AM

This is a phenomenal example of a SHO but the quality of the car =/= the quantity of money that the owner is asking for it. I FUCKING LOVE this car. I can hear Mötley Crüe playing from that interior shot. I doubt most of us will ever see a 30 y/o SHO in this good of shape, but that doesn’t make it worth $7k.

8:14 AM

I mean, I hope he finds a buyer at this price, I really do. This is a fantastic example of a really cool car. However, I voted crack pipe since there is like zero market for these things and, when the hammer falls, it will probably sell for half what he’s asking.

8:16 AM

It’s not out of this world CP. It’s not like I’d never buy it. It’s just too much money for a pretty rough 43 year old not particularly attractive car. I’d have to inspect for rust too. It’s gone way beyond its expected lifespan. Read more

8:14 AM

It’s unusual to find one of these that isn’t festooned with every $2 gimrack from Autozone and a fart can out back. A lot of this vintage Cobalt suffered clearcoat acne, but for a DD this would be fun.  NP

2:07 PM

This is the camp I’m in. I don’t know what the market says, but the price doesn’t seem all that unreasonable for leather interior, 400 hp, good looking drop top with reasonable miles for the age.

9:38 AM

Also: not overly high mileage. Enough that you know it was driven, not so much that it was a high mileage commuter

8:20 AM

I have a severe aversion to aftermarket forced induction, but this is so clean and nice. Too much for even a cherry stock ’08, but I think this is a rare case where quality, well done mods actually add value. NP. Read more

2:46 PM

Because I’m a sucker for brutal punishment and take stupid risks, I have owned several 1.8t, 2.0t, 2.7tt and VR6 VAG products made after the year 2000 that I bought with more an 100k miles. My current daily driver is a 2007 Audi A4 2.0t w/ 170k miles that I bought with 105k. I had a first gen Audi allroad that I got Read more