Jeremy Chase
Sep 18 2015

These look great, but I’d only use them for low power applications where you want thermal insulation. Read more

Sep 17 2015

can I get some test comments posted here, whoever has a moment?

Aug 4 2015

This person doesn’t seem to understand that Pluto and Jupiter are not the same size.

Apr 23 2015

For those living or traveling in New York City; be aware that almost all of these knifes are considered weapons and you will be arrested if found with one. Read more

Jun 17 2014

What are example idf values for something that can tell you more about a blog?

Oct 31 2013

A quartz watch can only be expected to be accurate to +-15 seconds a month. With the exception of watches that compensate for voltage changes caused by temperature fluctuation or watches that set their time regularly. Read more

Oct 17 2013

People don't usually live in these apartments; they just buy them as investments.

Oct 1 2013

Absolutely. In this case our builds are quite slow, so I just wanted to be sure. :)

Jul 16 2013

This outage was a big bummer, but lets see if we can get any useful information out of the data.