Jen Sabella
Jen Sabella is Managing Editor of The Takeout. She loves: fried chicken, mezcal, cats and stalking celesbians on Instagram.
Jan 30 2018

Thanks, gonna give this a try soon. Love The Takeout, you folks are awesome!

Dec 7 2017

He gently slid himself into the hot dog bun -toasted but too toasted. It still had a slight spring and the infused warmth spread through him. Fumbling one-handed, he reached out for a cool, lubricating bottle of ketchup. At the last moment, he snapped his hand back. “No”, he said to himself, “We’re doing this Chicago-s Read more

Dec 6 2017

I hate Trump but I was a drunk before him. Now at days I rather stay home because if I go out and meet a Trumpie.... as a Brown man I may be compelled to power bomb them on their MAGMA hat (Actually had a guy wear a MAGMA hat to a bar in Murray Hill Manhattan during the Yank playoff run).

Dec 4 2017

There was ONE person in the store, sleeping. IF you’re going to do this - try not to get the poor student fired by posting all over social media. or gently wake them. Yes, this was a dereliction of duty - but have some damn compassion. How many jobs do you have?

Dec 4 2017

Also no one seems to care that he thanked vodka for his decision, and admittedly drove there!

Dec 4 2017

There’s a phrase from computer science that comes to mind: garbage in, garbage out.

Dec 4 2017

A couple of years ago, seemingly out of spite, they switched to a “housemade” black bean burger that was bigger and blander than any I’d ever tried before. Read more

Nov 29 2017

This reminds me of that song by Queen that ends (literally) with “...fried chicken!”