Jenn M. Jackson
jenn is the Managing Editor at and Editor-in-Chief of She's also a PhD student studying race and gender politics at the University of Chicago.
Mar 28 2017

Black-ish has a Black man as its showrunner, correct? So, I’m not surprised that once again a Black man supports another Black man who abuses (Black) women. Read more

Mar 28 2017

dancing monkey? really? you really just called a black man a dancing monkey in 2017? doesn’t matter what race you purport to be - that’s some dumb racist shit.

Mar 28 2017

Regardless of how hot he is and how well he dances he still deserves to be called a piece of shit period. Read more

Mar 28 2017

At what point does the mental illness become irrelevant to the fact that someone is just a complete piece of shit? It’s one thing if that kind of behavior is the breaking point of establishing that there are serious mental health issues but his responses have never shown even a smigdeon of self-awareness or remorse.

Feb 25 2017

why isn’t this on Jezebel too?? I don’t think enough white chicks even click this far, this needs to reach them ... this is important.

Feb 25 2017

The pushback against Serena and Beyonce is hating, envy , jealousy, etc., plain and simple!