Jennifer Culp
Nov 20 2015

Damn I loved this blog. Long may it live in our hearts and minds! Jane, thank you so much for giving me the chance to contribute; it has been an absolute pleasure. Read more

Nov 6 2015

I would LOVE to tell you but I cannot share because it is a secret family recipe from an incredibly fancy and amazing person I met in the Jezebel comments section in 2008, and I know that ruin will come upon me and mine if I break my oath and reveal it. HOWEVER, I will say that experimenting with those internet Read more

Nov 6 2015

Another vital product in my arsenal (that didn’t score a mention because I was too tired, lazy, and relatively not-broken-out to make use of it in this particular 24-hour period):

Oct 9 2015

Hahahahaha it makes me so happy when people notice him!! He is currently checking out the view in the hall closet, where he startled the shit out of my husband yesterday.

Sep 30 2015

Oh my god please never apologize for saying something nice to me, I love you

Sep 29 2015

Thank you!! <3 The faux palette was well worth the ten bucks, I think! The colors are rich and crazy easy to blend. It smeared all over my eyelids within minutes, though (might try setting with shadow next time), but stayed on my neck FOREVERRRRR through repeated scrubbings and earned me a lot of “what the hell Read more