Jenna Sauers
12:55 PM

Always glad to hear someone embrace her child-free life, though I prefer the succinct and to-the-point explanation by Helen Mirren: Read more

12:58 PM

I'm a magazine editor and I can tell you that this article happened because New York, like most major general interest and city/regional magazines, is edited by the same crew of witty white guys who have always run magazines. They are chasing buzz (especially now) and confuse their own biases and blind spots for Read more

12:30 PM

Um, people are frightened and think they won't be believed. They also often have a limited grasp of English and have no way to get home and sometimes no work visa when their agency dumps them (they are also housed by the agencies sometimes so they'd be defacto homeless). If they can't reliably stay there exactly how Read more

12:56 AM

Did you break a cupcake in half and then put the frosting in the middle? I knew you were smart, Jenna, but C'MON.

6:36 PM

This is a fun place to park my favorite Reddit post of all time: Some dude pulled into a Walmart parking lot and found a "tame" bobcat chillin in the back of a pickup.

3:48 PM

Yes LOL. Especially Benicio. I mean, homeboy had a baby by Kimberly Stewart. Having sex with Lindsay is not that far off, tbh.

4:32 PM

OMG this has never happened before!! It's like these people never even heard of Sibyl Buck. Or Eve Slavail, or Omahyra Mota.

12:14 AM

Hi! I'm actually a landlord and those 3 marks on the bathroom vanity look just like what happens at our college student apartments when they place their hot curling iron or hot straightening iron directly on the vanity and leave it for a bit. It will actually burn it (the vanity tops are fairly cheap). There's no way Read more

11:08 PM

Oh, Jenna, this was just what I needed to read. I don't like to think that I need too much support from others, but after the backlash I have to admit that it's most welcome (from all the others of course, but especially from someone familiar to me). I am so sorry to hear you've gone through a difficult time. I can Read more