A Person Named Bucky
Aug 31

god, this really makes me miss my late friend, who introduced me to CKII. Was never quite good at it, but loved the concept enough that this seems very much catered to me. but i wish i could share it with him, too

Aug 29

this just really fucking hurts and probably will for a long fucking time. i can’t imagine how his friends and family are feeling right now

Aug 15

that game is just my nightmare tbh

i will be playing more of the ffx HD remaster, since i finally picked it up during the summer sale, and as always, the sims. 

Jul 19

Also Comcast probably wants to promote the fact you can access it if you have their cable that way

Jul 6

there’s a difference between caring and inserting your nose into something you aren’t a part of and insisting you know best.