Jamie Condliffe
Contributing Editor at Gizmodo. An ex-engineer writing about science and technology.
May 31 2016

Player Piano has one attribute that makes it really hard to suspend disbelief... he wrote it before the advent of rock and roll and so everyone in the future is still listening to songs like Chattanooga Choo Choo and Sentimental Journey.

May 18 2016

I bet they will be rectangle, around 5 inches wide with a display covering the front face, plastic back cover in a variety of colors and a metallic rim.

May 9 2016

Kudos to Gizmodo for giving this issue a serious examination. I admit that I would have predicted a Gawker site to participate in the very same hide-newsworthy-conservative-subjects editorializing that apparently Facebook did. Thanks for proving me wrong.

May 6 2016

I ask for suggestions from the public until i don’t like them, then i do as i please. Read more

Apr 28 2016

Would an inverse “discount” apply when they’re 2+ minutes late?

Apr 22 2016

Do not panic serfs. This settlement will not prevent the coming dates in the halls of justice over UBER libertarian labor hating policies. UBER must die.

Apr 21 2016

the catch is you have to use Opera

Apr 20 2016

Anyone else really want to see what happened when it got to the end of the track?

Apr 13 2016

Useless, I cannot find a cure for cancer with a maximum of 48 neurons.

Apr 12 2016

Windows 10 bsod are so unhelpful. “Something went wrong”...no shit tell me exactly which error so I can fix it. Maybe it'll be more helpful now.

Apr 12 2016

Sit down, I’m going to let you in on a secret that the scientists don’t want you to know.
They’re both genera of shrimp.

Apr 8 2016

In fact, you should generally not insert random anythings into your anything.

Apr 7 2016

“Going to get people freaking out and spending 4 hours a day on a treadmill”

and then people will be fit and healthy and live longer Read more