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2:52 PM

No matter how much you put out, it will not be enough for the squirrels. Ever. I started feeding the birds a good 15 years or so ago and within a few months of the birds finding the feeder and starting to stop by daily to eat, the squirrels came. I did not feed them, I ran them off and my reward was wrecked feeders Read more

2:22 PM

Squirrels are natural hoarders. They will empty the feeder over and over and store the seeds in their home or storage places (squirrels keep many caches of food). Squirrels will take so much food from places that studies have shown they can’t remember where they keep 90% of it. You will be refilling your feeder Read more

8:52 AM

Rob’s been cranking out NPOCP for years, only abated by well deserved vacations. Let’s not forget he has a full time job as well. Three cheers for the man who creates the first post many of us read every weekday. 

11:29 PM

Hey, you take that back! The VQ is one of the best engines ever produced. Nissan is like the Japanese version of GM. They got too big and believed their own hype for far too long. They kept merely ‘updating’ models while paying top execs undeserved bonuses. But along the way they built some amazing cars (Godzilla, Read more

10:18 PM

Gonna call BS on the 450HP.  They don’t make anywhere near that much without boost.

9:44 PM

It’s because it went from an interesting competitor in the sports car market, to outdated, now to a value, because very single other sports car like it is either defunct or WAY too expensive for someone in a regular tax bracket. If you want a sports car with similar stats, similar feel and similarly equipped you are Read more

12:48 PM

I’m guessing prices are falling sharply in what dealers will give for a used car, or auction prices, but I haven’t noticed a difference from the consumer side.

11:16 AM

Cheap needs a definition in these articles.  We won't see pocket change prices because used car dealers still need inventory. 

7:36 AM

Was this just an ad for Callaway? Because you are correct, this is a seriously dumb take. Spend $10k more and get all the upgrades that go along with that power. And then you won’t have to have all the dumb Callaway decals on your car (and this is coming from a guy that owned a Roush Mustang!). 

9:17 PM

Almost ZL1 power, but without the magnaride, upgraded brakes, E-LSD, wider front fenders for wider front tires, nor wider rear tires to put the power to the ground? Cars and Coffee here we come!

12:31 PM

Look, I’m not pro Tesla or Musk, he is off. But using this outlook, no matter what you buy, you are helping some or the other idiot do something wrong. Whether it be the VW Group (looking at you Dieselgate) or it be buying Goodyear (remember those RV tires?). So while you’re helping the poor leadership that plagues Read more

11:18 AM

So you buy cars based on CEO attitudes? Most people I know don’t keep track of automotive CEOs, and few can name the CEO of the company that built the car they’re driving. (Unless they’re driving a Tesla, in which case they know that Musk is part CEO, part bat-shit-crazy.) Read more

10:56 PM

The first computer he said is the the same as bringing a 1960s Cadillac Coupe DeVille to an autocross, and the latter is the same as bringing a rental go-kart to Bonneville.

7:04 PM

I’d argue he just found his way around artificially stupid rules that prioritize memorization over critical problem solving. Rules built on an antiquated and incorrect value of education and capability.

10:40 AM

I’m quite surprised that Mr. Tracy didn’t identify that correctly. I think he’s just fucking with him.

10:09 AM

Looks like part of a spring to me. those aren’t supposed to break.