JC06Z33, now also on The Drive!
10:06 AM

Love our Frame. We have a 49" in our family room upstairs that is open concept with our kitchen and dining room, so we wanted something to blend. It was overpriced even at a steep discount, I won’t lie, but we’ve had multiple people come over and be surprised when we flipped it to TV mode, or heard the TV earlier and Read more

1:47 PM

I can’t find anything about “zoom zoom” and Isuzu. Post up a link if you do, I’m interested to see!  I clearly remember the early 2000's Mazda commercials, but nothing to do with Isuzu.

11:01 AM

Steering wheel lock just needs a fuse pulled. CSC can be avoided/delayed with higher temp fluid. Stock oil cooling isn’t an issue for street driving and if you’re tracking, an oil cooler is your first mod anyway.

Every car has failure points. The platform is almost 20 years old, the VQ is bulletproof, and consumables Read more

9:34 AM

As someone who has lived and breathed VQ tuning and Z33/Z34 modification for 10+ years, I’m not just calling BS, I’m willing to put my home up as a wager that your son is full of it. Read more

9:30 AM

If you think that a used F-type is “cheap”, then you probably consider a used 370 to be “free”.

Either way, there is no way you can compare the ownership cost between those two. Apples to dragonfruit.

8:31 AM

Do it, Andrew. My 350 is modded up to be about on par with a base 370, and it is the perfect amount of performance you need for daily driving and track use. 300 horses, great road feel, 3200 lbs, excellent brakes and suspension, easy and cheap to work on, no electric nannies.  And inexpensive. 

5:03 PM

I’m comparing it to... the direct competition of the same vintage. The fact that there were so few fun midsize sedans in the 25k price range is not the Mazda 6's fault. It’s an objectively more fun car to drive than the others I was considering, all for their own reasons.  Fun won out.

Unless you wanted me to compare Read more

4:48 PM

Interesting, I absolutely love driving my ‘14 6 Touring.  In auto.  Similarly aged Sonatas, Malibus, and Fusions felt numb in comparison when I was deciding.

10:48 AM

I admittedly haven’t driven anything recent, but my 2006, 2008, and 2014 Mazdas are all zoom zoom fun, relative to their size and function. It’s hard to describe. They don’t need a snail or fancy suspension or sport division badges. They just feel... joyful to drive.  I’ve not had the same fun behind the wheel of Read more

10:26 AM

On my third (used) Mazda and will likely continue to purchase them. They’re great enthusiast DDs.  Hopefully Mazda doesn’t succumb to this and can keep putting out interesting cars.