11:34 PM

More shoutouts to Marx and Engels are always a welcome thing in this day and age.

11:58 AM

I’m already seeing the comments, so let’s be clear about something here:

“Cancel Culture” did not kill Alec Holowka. We don’t yet have the full picture of how he died, but it sounds as if he died by suicide, and had been suffering from a host of psychological and personal difficulties prior to that final, tragic act.

No Read more

11:50 AM

Yup.  It’s already happening.  While there will always be insightful, intelligent commenters who languish in the greys for a hell of a lot longer than they should, there are just as many bottom-feeding rage-addicted goobers looking for any excuse to offer fallacy-laden bullshit as “proof” of their awful worldview.

1:15 AM

Don’t feed the (likely racist definitely apologist) troll just look at justfornow’s posts in the top thread you’ll learn all you need to know about them

9:40 PM

It’s without a doubt the news media lacks the backbone nowadays. When money is on the line, facts, morals, ethical values do not matter; you’re a demon of greed now. Read more

6:23 PM

the person you replied to thinks americans are inherently more evil than people in other countries, so you’re wasting your time, unfortunately. justfornow said it’s a problem with our culture, which can only mean we have an evil culture. 

6:19 PM

Why would you imply that I can’t understand that it might look strange to people who don’t play video games? What did I say that gave you that idea? I was asking why journalists who have access to the statistics above and presumably a vested interest in reporting facts and keeping public figure honest would refrain Read more

6:01 PM

I don’t understand why journalists aren’t choosing to be more confrontational when they talk to Trump or to the Lt. Gov of Texas or whoever who is making completely baseless claims about video games and their connections to violence and particularly the violence in El Paso on Saturday. When these people in power say Read more

8:04 PM

The shoe, in it’s original, pre-bachelorette configuration, it was opposite - a female princess fantasy. I mean, the show was marketed almost exclusively to women for a loong time before gaining in popularity the past few seasons as the trashier reality shows (jersey shore, etc) have ebbed in popularity.

11:13 PM

Life is a process, and utopia is not a destination, but a journey. History is a jacked-up pendulum that swings backwards and forwards, but sometimes it swings in just the right way to give us karma like this. Here’s to hoping Danica Roem beats the tar out of this guy in the general.

11:06 PM

I read up on him a little today and it turns out back in 2010 he said disabled children were god’s punishment for people getting abortions Read more

11:03 PM

I suppose - I mean, state electionsoften seem to go in a different direction to Federal elections, so I’m not necessarily sure how much the anti-Trump sentiment helps, except in that it might incentivise more Dems to vote than ever before. Read more

4:30 PM

It is very frustration how much Jezebel and other blogs seem to basically repackage a single news article, rarely adding anything other than a twist of snark or more pop culture friendly phrases