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Aug 14

Holy clamcakes, it’s Friday already. The middle of the month, somehow! Damn. Just to keep things in perspective, please contemplate this image of a Saab as they remind you that they have little to no interest in stabbing you.

Aug 13

Often confused with A Dalmation due to the very similar coat patterns, the Roverhound was bred to track and hunt Rovers even through thick underbrush and in dense forests. These hardy dogs could chew through brake lines of a moving Rover, preparing it for crash and easy capture. They can be identified by the SU

Aug 12

I’d like to think the interior designer for this Lotus Esprit in 1976 was just given a scrap of paper with the words “SCOTSMAN SPACESHIP SEX” on it and told to figure it out from there.

Aug 11

Hey, pals! Sorry for the technical delays—one of our tech-possums spilled an entire Fresca down the vents of the TRS-80 that serves our web pages via 28.8 bps modem, so we had to fix that. We should be good now! Thanks for being patient.

Aug 10

Hey, welcome to a whole new week! Before you unwrap it and try it out, though, quick question: would this image be improved if the people’s organs were visible as well?

Aug 7

Hey! You made it through another week! Damn, you’re good at this moving-forward-through time stuff. Let’s celebrate by trying to estimate the sizes of the people in this Austin-Healey Sprite. Based on the sizes and positions of their heads, I’m not sure either person would be more than, oh, maybe 60 percent scale of

Aug 6

Though not common anymore, back in the mid-’80s “Topazzin’” was known as the practice of driving into oncoming traffic at speeds of up to 34 MPH while laying on the horn and sobbing. In a Ford Topaz (Mercury in US markets). It was illegal, of course, but also deeply embarrassing.