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Nov 17

I had it for the Apple II, as well. S.A.M. -- Software Activated Mouth, or something like that.

Nov 9

A question a child might ask, but not a childish question. Side marker rules in America require a reflector and a bulb.

Oct 22

That is not the point at all. This has nothing to do with its capabilities. It has everything to do with the fact that it still requires full vigilance from the driver, and as such is not a full self-driving system. Read the damn article. It’s free!

Oct 22

Really, the Excalibur’s taillights were just made by an outside supplier that happened to be VW. If you learned that the Mustang II’s lights came from Hella in Germany, would that disqualify it, too? I’m not so sure.

Oct 14

Yes, I was thinking 12th gen or whatever Eldorado, too! But the Eldo has an almost vertical C-pillar line. Proportions and other bits sort of match, though...

Oct 13

I’m not saying they shouldn’t be compensated for the software--of course they should! But they should also have a reasonable return policy since it really costs them nothing to do so. If people want it, they should pay for it. If they don’t they shouldn’t be railroaded into buying it.

Oct 12

The headlight tape was my favorite bit, too. I didn’t mention directly it in the hopes that those who know would just appreciate it. Like you did.