Jason Shankel
1:14 PM

“A Star Wars TV show that could stand up to the quality of his movies. But, in the past, it simply couldn’t be done. It was too expensive an idea. “

Two people standing in front of a window having a conversation and then one of them crosses the room, stands in front of the window, and they continue having the same Read more

7:12 PM

There’s the fate you make for yourself and there’s the fate others make for you. In this way, fate is much like a cheeseburger.

3:42 PM

She knowingly put human lives at risk by diagnosing real patients with a machine she knew didn’t work. That’s not faking it until you make it. That’s sociopathy.

3:39 PM

Word on the street is that she’s working on a machine that can mount an effective legal defense without requiring a lawyer. She’s going to disrupt the whole industry! First they dismiss you, then they laugh at you, then you change the world!


1:55 PM

This is what happens when you take The Walking Dead and write in “sexism” where it says “zombies.” I liked the first season and a half or so, but it does run out of steam. It also lacks the perspective of the novel where the history of Gilead is being studied by a post-Gilead society. It’s important in the book that Read more

4:07 PM

I’m so excited because so much is at stake and it’s so clear what it all is.

1:27 PM

The movie should have several long montages of Roach wandering off into the middle of the woods for no good gods damned reason.

5:54 PM

“There was a peculiar red slime dripping from the walls. It tasted funny.” - Great Moments In White History

3:20 PM

“Little help here, guys? A thousand years is a long time. I’m not even all that digested yet. Little help here?” - Boba Fett

5:15 PM

That and June’s narration make the book much broader in tone than the show. It’s a dark vision of totalitarian misogyny, but with some heart and humor and things to say about something besides that. The show (which I think is very good) is more of a zombie show with sexism instead of zombies.

6:39 PM

I like the show but I think they missed the point that the book is satirical, both of misogyny and academics. I think there was one joke in the second season and the characters just looked at each other because they’d evidently lost the sense of how humor works.

The book is as much about deconstructing Gilead as it is Read more

2:15 PM

Except fundamentally they did make a sequel to 2001. You can do a sequel to 2001 because the nature of monoliths and star children and such is interesting.

Where xenomorphs come from is not an interesting question because xenomorphs are plot devices not part of a vast universe of possibilities.

So no, it’s not that Read more