Sep 16

Laser face is an idiot who writes the same comment under every article about South Park. Just a dumb person with dumb, self righteous opinions. 

Sep 15

“yet they continue to hang out with bigot like Cartman.” Read more

Sep 15

“Here’s this show we fucking HATE. It’s going to be FUCKING BAD... Here’s where to watch it and when it airs.”
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Sep 15

Yeah, it’s pro-murder, clearly.  The show’s perspective is pro-murder.  

Sep 15

Good god, comic books are fucking stupid.

Sep 15

It’s even dumber to connect nearly all of the rise of the far-right/liberatarism to South Park like Laserface seems to be doing. Does it have an undue influence on its toxic fanbase and prides itself on being edgy and nihilistic like other shows of its type such as Rick and Morty? Yes. But its a huge and very poor Read more

Sep 15

Eh, I don’t think it’s a false equivalency. You (and others) are attributing symptoms of a culture to a popular piece of entertainment. I don’t see how saying “violent video games influence violence” isn’t the same argument as saying “South Park influences alt-right radicalization”. I agree it has a Libertarian bent, Read more

Sep 15

And thanks to the monsters at South Park, The Libertarian party got a shocking 3.29% of the vote. THE DAMAGE THEY HAVE DONE CANNOT POSSIBLY BE OVERSTATED

Sep 15

For fucks sake, Stan and Kyle are 8-9 years old, and for that matter, NOT REAL!  

Sep 15

A lot of South Park’s humor is trolling based, making jokes that they know would offend people (especially those who cared about trying to make things better) and when they did, just say they were joking. It was funny and they were really good at it but the DNA of that sort of humor was appropriated by people who use Read more

Sep 15

They’ve unabashedly admitted that Gore was absolutely right and they were wrong, that Communists have a point, and that Trump really isn't a joke and is actually a threat. Is our South Park learning? Slowly but surely it seems.

Sep 15

Good. I’m glad someone finally said how corrupted our culture is due to this show. Now if only someone could point to the rise in gun violence and equate it to the popularity of violent video games, I think we’d be set. 

Sep 15

If a cartoon show that gained prominence mostly from it’s scatological shock humor has had that big of an impact on the thinking of an entire generation then I think our society has much deeper problems . . .

Sep 14

Yes, it’s extremely edgy to stop caring about children’s books as an adult.

Sep 4

I’m of course not 100% sure on this, but I’m betting Matt Furie loves the attention from all this. He created a shit comic, and anyone that is honest with themselves will agree that Boy’s Club is a garbage comic book. And now it’s a worldwide meme. He’s probably made bank on it.

Sep 3

Given her public statements, rat out her neighbors to the secret police.

Sep 3

“A few years ago, this U.S./China co-production might’ve been the victim of Hollywood whitewashing (see: The Great Wall),” Read more

Sep 2

Dude, you’re in every single thread on the page