Jacob Kleinman

Claire Lower, the real life Liz Lemon?

My back hurts just looking at this. Someone get this person some ibuprofen!

We will not have reached the bottom of the barrel until we get “Cooking with Aunt May”. Read more

Seems kind of rude, but I also routinely tell Siri she’s useless so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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I bought a knock-off MacBook charger. Never again. Read more

My 5s isn’t struggling even with the latest beta. Read more

I’d like to see something like this for the equalizer - specific remembered settings for each bluetooth device. Read more

Good list of resources, can I add two more? Read more

The ghost of Steve Jobs may be frowning down upon you for this, but from the bottom of my own heart: thank you. Thank you very much. Read more

Was looking for something like this earlier today (because of an autoplaying ad on Lifehacker, if I recall) but for Firefox - found “Mute sites by default” and it seems to work perfectly. You can also set up a whitelist and by default it adds sites you unmute to the whitelist (a feature I recommend disabling). And Read more

Would you believe that Polar makes a flavoured seltzer in chicken?
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I installed it and so far it doesn’t seem to have screwed up what I use Facebook for, which is to check the newsfeeds from the video game sites I follow. But we’ll see, it’s still early days. Now I’ll go to Amazon and order, say, a walrus and see if I get ads for walrus obedience schools or walrus Easter outfits.
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There is no ethical consumption under capitalism. Read more

I have been using Google Express a lot lately and it’s been really nice. The shipping is super quick and most things I get qualify for the over $35 for free shipping. I don’t know if I will get rid of amazon prime just yet, but I’m already thinking of replacing my Ring with a nest hello and getting rid of the 2 Read more

Might as well just say “Stop breathing air.” Read more

Thank you for the idea, do you have any tips on the tallest TV antennae Read more