Jacob Kleinman

it works for me in chrome (just tried again to confirm). maybe try opening in an incognito window to see if that helps Read more

Exactly. Also, I feel like most cars have a trunk... so those Amazon packages won’t exactly be visible to people walking by. Read more

i’ll be on the lookout for any Prime Air drones Read more

exactly. as someone already pointed out, not all stores accept phone-based payments, but if you’re just going to the super market it’s great to be able to leave your wallet at home Read more


i deleted the album from My Music and re-added it. that seemed to work Read more

hmm. not sure what’s going on here. about half the tracks are inaccessible on my iphone now Read more

guess not, sorry. at least it’s on bandcamp for free... Read more

totally cool. definitely a little overkill :) Read more

Lifehacker has an article explaining why you shouldn’t use your favorite song as an alarm (I link to it this piece). But waking up to music in general is fine Read more

also a great use for old iPhones! Read more

it’s still Hanukkah in my heart... mostly because that’s where all the latke oil congealed  Read more