Jack Mirkinson
Deputy Editor, Splinter
Sep 12 2019

I remember I wanted to pee so bad by the end of that movie... and close to the ending I was like “Oh thank god, this is the end scene...” lean forward to ready myself to get get up, and then “NOPE, this thing is going to keep on going”. That happened like 3 times. It was hurting so bad. I havent seen that movie ever Read more

Sep 12 2019

Counterpoint: no one on this planet is obligated to watch The Irishman because Scorsese movies are bad. Read more

Sep 12 2019

The length of a movie today seems like a statement of significance, like the film has so much to say that it requires a long running time. Read more

Sep 12 2019

Screw that. I liked the Return of The King (it was the Game of Thrones of my time kids minus the nudity and ultra violence) but it was too damn long for my bladder. If movie theaters want me to buy the Ultra Big Gulp Soda and Kilo of popcorn and butter then make the movies shorter.

Sep 8 2019

My wife has been watching a show called Celebs go dating.....so i strongly disagree lol 

Sep 6 2019

How do you reconcile the fact that the state you’re so gung-ho to protect are fucking war criminals? 

Aug 29 2019

Folks can spend all day talking about how they already knew all this and blah blah conservatives have always been nazis, but the point is that liberals will later pull out stuff like “well I think calling them ‘nazis’ is a bit extreme” whenever nazis put on the thinnest veneer of respectability, or say stuff like Read more

Jul 29 2019

I think it boils down to what is more likely:  Mitch being a big fan of 1940s film noir, or Mitch disingenuously repurposing a phrase progressive use for his own shitty purposes?

Jun 3 2019

I, too, love to stand like a normal person and have normal facial expressions for pictures.

May 29 2019

Robert Mueller should listen.   My grandpa was the inspiration for that Horny Grandpa movie that Bobby DeNiro did a few years back and he said that Mr. DeNiro had nothing but life changing advice.    Thanks to Bobby my Grandpa discovered that you are only as old as you feel and that the key to true happiness is being Read more

May 21 2019

So...this was a story. I guess.
Keep making that blog quota.

Also...”I’m only on season 4!”

Screw spoiler culture. The rest of the world is not responsible for waiting for you to watch something.

If people don’t want to be “spoiled”, turn the channel when the topic comes up (you know, since THEY’RE GOING TO TALK ABOUT Read more

May 20 2019

You release that Farage’s party is leading in the polls for the MEP elections next week right?
Read more

May 20 2019

Taking bets on which city has the honor of being ground zero for US milkshakes. Philly is the early favorite.

May 20 2019

If I owned that McDonalds I would have started handing out free milkshakes with any other purchase. 

May 10 2019

With the caveat that the distance to the laundromat determines the answer a LITTLE, the dishwasher is, to someone who cooks a lot, MUCH better to have. I’ve lived in NYC apts with no dishwasher and no washer/dryer, and whenever looking at apartments, no dishwasher was a dealbreaker. Mostly it’s this- At the very Read more