Jack Mirkinson
Deputy Editor, Splinter
Sep 16 2019

noovie is SO depressing my god — give me my stupid movie trivia and actor word scrambles back!!!!

Sep 16 2019

it really makes me mad because the previews used to be one of the best parts about going to the movies and now they’re just becoming another thing that makes you feel like you’re being fleeced

Sep 13 2019

can very confidently say Birth of a Nation should have had its time reduced to roughly zero minutes long

Sep 12 2019

oh god the main thing i remember from watching return of the king (aside from the fact that they subsequently tore down the theater where i saw it and replaced it with an old folks’ home and that i didn’t like the movie that much) was sitting there being like THIS MOVIE IS SO LONG

Sep 10 2019

do NOT make the mistake i did for this post and look up “black rod” on twitter while at work

Sep 4 2019

I would love to think that members of Congress would do that, but I think that, with some minor exceptions, they would probably do a lot of “you have been violating norms, SIR” and mention emoluments a lot 

Sep 3 2019

We’ll see! Brexit is a culture war issue now, and Johnson is banking on being able to pull a very Trump-like “elites trying to steal your Brexit dream” move and get just enough people to back him. It could definitely work.

Aug 28 2019

The convention is that she basically has to do whatever the government of the day tells her to do, and she has always stuck to that convention very, very rigidly. She is very loyal to the notion that the legitimacy of the monarchy would be damaged if she did anything else.